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Welcome to E s R - Ner'zhul!
E s R

Eastside Riders

Based out of the Eastside of Las Vegas (702)

  • GuildMaster:
    • Topdamekoms / Dizzel
  • Officers:
    • Surfacing / Relaz
    • Madrox / Getsome
  • Class Officers:
    • Janstina (Spell DPS)
    • Dramesh (Melee DPS)
    • Tank & Heal Officers to come!
  • Guild Bank Rules:
    • All items are half market value. Trades are Accepted. Nothing is free.
  • Add-On Requirements
    • DBM (Deadly Boss Mod Up-to-Date)
    • Omen Threat Meter
    • Recount Damage Charts
  • DKP System (At this time, DKP is Disable)
    • First Come First Served Depending On If You Sign up on WoW Calender.
    • Plus 5 DKP Points for being on time.
    • Minus 5 DKP Points for being late.
    • 2 DKP Points per Boss Slain. (End Game raid content)
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by Janstina on Oct 01, 2011 at 12:24 PM
Hello fellow raiders of E s R.

Most of you see the guild calendar and the various raids that are posted for members to sign up for. However, it is clear to myself as well as some of the officers that there are people who sign up and don't show up.

This post is designed to let you all know what we expect of you, how you can be considered to be part of the core, and lastly, various tools to help you become a better raider.

We expect you to know how to play your specialization and your class!
This is imperative for raid progression. If you have gear for both specs we expect you to know how to efficiently play both of them. Frankly said, if you don't know how to play your spec and class then you probably won't see another invite from our core. It's really that simple in a sense that if we're looking to progress and you're the one guy who's holding back progression then we'll find someone else who can play more efficiently.

For example, if you are a Paladin/Warrior tank and your secondary stats are too lopsided, (lets say 18% parry, 10% dodge), thus making you too hard to keep up, you're going to wipe the raid. This is an indirect way of holding back progression, and our core will not put up with something as simple as reforging gear to even out two avoidance stats that diminish at the same rate.

For example, if you are a caster and you have not made an effort to hit cap, ~16% (17% or 1742 is the exact value and hard cap of spell hit and some theorycraft suggests that you won't see a significant change in DPS until less than 14% hit), then it is a safe assumption to say that your dps is going to be relatively low ~14-16k. This is unacceptable compared to the dps that the rest of the raid can pull (an average of 20k+) and you will most likely wipe the raid because of berserk timers, or the inevitable "Healer's mana vs. boss health" race in which healers will eventually OOM and will not be able to keep up the tank and/or the rest of the raid.

We expect you to be optimized!
This is a main reason why E s R has class officers. Currently, these officers are Janstina for Casting DPS and Dramesh for Melee DPS. As of now, there is not a class officer for Healing (although Relaz and I have an extensive knowledge of Druid and Priest healers), and there is not a class officer for tanking.

There are various tools that allow you to be optimized. An interesting way to look at how you can optimize your gear is from:

It will show you what you need to reforge, the best enchants on your gear, and finally your specific stat weights. Note that when you look up at a static stat weight chart, those weights are best in slot gear. Therefore, it's fairly obvious that if you're not in BiS gear, those weights are somewhat irrelevant.

We expect you to have an extensive knowledge of your class!
There are various websites that have very good guides about your class. In particular, is a good place to start although I have personally seen some information to be somewhat inaccurate. If you can find a specialized website for your class, i.e.,,, then it might contain better guides and more specialized information about your class.

If you sign up for a raid, we expect you to be online at raid time!
I'm not really sure how to explain this, other than the fact that if you aren't online we'll end up taking someone else over you if we must choose. In general, we want to start pulling at 9:00 PM, not invite people to the raid at 9:00 PM.

Come to the raid prepared!
Be on time, we expect to see "Well Fed" and your respective Flask or two Elixirs. This also means that your talents are correct, or correctly modified to fit a particular boss fight, and we expect you to have/use your profession bonuses as well. We expect to see fully enchanted gear with the optimized enchants (see "We expect you to be optimized"), as well as the use of proper gemming. We expect you to have your glyphs optimized. Lastly, we will not carry you through raids that we are attempting to progress through. If you fail to pull your weight and you did not come to the raid adequately prepared, you will most likely be replaced.

Look up the boss fights before hand!
Watch a video on Tankspot generally has good tutorial videos on the overall mechanics/strategy of the fights. We as a group do not want to teach you how to do a fight that's on farm (such as the first 5, perhaps even 6 bosses of FL). In terms of progression, try to look up class-specific strategies for each fight.

Lastly, we expect you to have a good time!
Relax, have fun and enjoy yourself! Remember, at the end of the day, it's just a game and we're friends trying to down bosses together!!