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(Nov 12, 2020)
This is crazy 10 years later. I no longer play live wow. I have been playing WoTLK server Icecrown on Look for me playing Weizer Priest.
(Sep 11, 2012)
Debating whether or not to come back for MoP, currently in China! I wish I could access real ID to make sure people see this though!
(Aug 11, 2012)
EPIC!!! now i can keep up with what happening while stuck at job corps.
(Oct 23, 2011)
Yes! I will be visiting the sight more and more often
(Oct 04, 2011)
Working on getting this all updated!!! Still think this is a good way to keep everyone same page
(Jun 02, 2010)
Anyone check this site anymore?!
(May 18, 2010)
Hey guys! Joined the site :)
(May 06, 2010)
Hey would anyone be interested in running tempest keep for sha' tar rep?
(May 02, 2010)
festergut down 5/1/10
(May 02, 2010)
woop woop nice icc 10man ty for ever 1 that helped out that night 5/1/10
(May 01, 2010)
wussup everyone:D
(Apr 19, 2010)
good icc runs ever1 gj
(Apr 17, 2010)
Good Raid on Friday night. ToC25 good work all ;)
(Mar 06, 2010)
10m ToC / 10m Onyxia Downed!!! -- Gratz 2 Everyone Who Participated!
(Feb 28, 2010)
If Everyone Would Take the Time to take the Poll, So we know what days are best to raid, for future reference and planning
(Feb 28, 2010)
LOL Fuck yo Couch ;)
(Feb 27, 2010)
woop woop good run
(Feb 27, 2010)
Great work every one :)
(Feb 13, 2010)
That sounds like a good plan
(Feb 12, 2010)
We need a Guild Picture Soon! :)